Reliable at high temperatures

Customer-specific slewing rings by IMO have been impressing the metal production and
machining industry for more than 25 years with their long service life and reliability.


Our Strengths - Your Advantages


  • customized sturdy solutions
  • high levels of operational safety
  • maximum durability
  • impact-resistant and vibration-resistant mounting
  • temperature-resistant seals and greases, shielding plates 
  • development concentrating on cost-effective solutions
  • short reaction times, reliable delivery times
  • reduced servicing costs
  • longer service life
  • service and spare parts available worldwide


For ladle turrets, continuous casting systems, ladle furnaces, pyrolysis furnaces, rotary hearth furnaces, electric arc furnaces, trimming shears, gas furnace and forging manipulators, vacuum degassers and cover swing gear mechanisms.


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Extreme heat and dust make the highest demands on slewing rings.
Quality and service life really count here.


IMO inside


IMO slewing rings are used as customized sturdy solutions, mounted to be impact-resistant and vibration-resistant in use. Temperature-resistant seals and greases defy the high temperatures while specially produced shielding plates keep dirt and coarse particles away.

Since unplanned interruptions and failures cause serious complications for all types of industrial furnaces, ladle turrets, continuous casting systems, etc., the quality of the installed components is important. IMO products ensure the highest levels of reliability.

Ladle turrets

Three-row roller bearings enable the loading and unloading of ladles with molten steel. The high moment loads here result in extreme impact loads.  

Electric arc furnaces

3-row roller slewing rings are installed in the cover swing gear mechanisms of electric arc furnaces.

Cranes in smelting works and foundries

Single-row ball slewing rings are used in loading cranes, traverse overhead slewing cranes and console slewing cranes. 

Forging manipulators

Forging manipulators, which transport the workpieces between the heating furnace and the forge, are equipped with single row ball slewing rings with internal gears.

Continuous casting plant

Rolling performance and service life are the most important features for continuous casting plant, so that 3-row roller slewing rings are usually used here.

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We like IMO


IMO slewing rings have been serving our customers for more than two decades. Our long-term collaborations have resulted in close and intense relationships. We are jointly responsible for the success of our customers – and are aware of our responsibility. 

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Our favorites

The development, design and simulation of slewing rings is one of our greatest strengths. Our customized product designs have particularly proven themselves in the metal production and machining industries. They are an important guarantor of the economic success of our customers.

Roller slewing ring

three-row, with gears

Similar standard products 

Roller slewing ring

three-row, without gears

Ball slewing ring

single row with external gear (internal gear or without gear)

Similar standard products 

Ball slewing ring

double row with external gear (internal gear or without gear)

Gear rims

up to 6000 mm in diameter, module 30 mm

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Our mission


We consider research and development to be our investments in your future. They ensure us and our customers the greatest possible competitive edge. IMO identifies market and customer requirements early on, analyses and evaluates them and integrates the results into new products. Providing more user functionality and maximum technical performance are the interrelated aims of our development effort, which over the last few years has yielded a long list of patents and awards for our products.

Focus on research and development 
IMO engineers believe in continuous product optimization and are determined to ensure that your systems are constantly achieving even higher performance and safety levels in the metal production and machining industry.

IMO standard products
Special customized slewing rings, which IMO engineers develop together with the customers, are usually used in the metal production and machining industry. IMO also offers a wide range of standard solutions which can be used in many other applications. 

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